Designed by artist Drew Storm Graham in the outskirts of Washington DC, SwitchWood not only became an obsession but a passion. With the help of long time friend and confidant, Sergio Villarroel, SwitchWood went from mere conception to reality. In a mission to create an unsurpassed product we emphasize quality and integrity as the corner stone of our foundation. With the help of precision technology and meticulous craftsmanship each piece is a true work of art.

The journey of each SwitchWood piece begins by hand selecting the finest fabrics and pristine samples of wood. Our product is as distinct as the fingerprints of the wearer harboring its own unique personality and exceptional characteristics. All our wood is left unstained and untreated only enhanced by linseed oil to accentuate its warmth and natural beauty. We guarantee no two pieces will ever be identical making Switchwood a true expression of individual identity.

With our patented design, the possibilities of interchangeability and customization are as broad as your imagination. We encourage you to explore our pre-designed box sets containing some of our favorite combinations; or create an entirely new look of your own allowing you to customize everything from the pattern of fabric, style of cut, and sample of wood.

Devout in our efforts, Switchwood is hand assembled by local craftsmen and manufactured parts have been fabricated in the United States. We are not only dedicated to our community but also the environment only using wood from sustainably harvested sources.