Wenge Kraken Cufflinks 

Padauk Kraken Cufflinks 

Whiskey Barrel Cufflinks


Whiskey Barrel Cufflinks 


Canary DC Flag Cufflinks 

Wenge Anchor Cufflinks

DC Flag

Padauk DC Flag Cufflinks 

Zebrawood Anchor Cufflinks 


Wenge DC Flag Cufflinks 


Padauk Monogram Cufflinks

Zebrawood Monogram Cufflinks

Birdseye Maple Monogram Cufflinks

Cork Monogram Cufflinks

Whiskey Barrel Monogram Cufflinks

Wenge Monogram Cufflinks

Wine barrel Monogram Cufflinks 

Golden Elephant 

Canary Elephant Cufflinks 

Wenge Elephant Cufflinks 

PadaukElephant Cufflinks 

Golden Rhino

Wenge Rhino Cufflinks

Canary Rhino Cufflinks 

Padauk Rhino Cufflinks 

Golden Bee

Padauk Bee Cufflinks

Wenge Bee Cufflinks

Canary Bee Cufflinks 


Want something custom? SwitchWood can make it happen, whether its a company logo or special image we will work directly with you to make a unique and personal pair of cufflinks. Shoot us an e-mail with your design concept!    $55

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