Luxury Tie organizer

Silver Package

This beautifully handcrafted wooden tie storage box is made from solid curled maple. The exterior bears the SwitchWood logo and opens to a compartmentalized interior keeping your knots and wings organized. This set is completely customizable allowing you to choose any 4 single knots and any 6 pairs of wooden wings. The Silver Package is perfect for any SwitchWood enthusiast.


Gold package

The Gold Package luxury tie holder is also handcrafted from solid curled maple. The exterior yields the SwtichWood logo followed by your monogrammed name on the interior. It includes 10 knots of your choosing and 12 wood wings making a total of 120 possible combinations. This grandiose tie holder is all inclusive and for serious SwitchWood fanatics. Rest assure you'll be covered for any and every occasion.

*Email us if you're interested in custom orders or purchasing these tie storage boxes separately.